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Who we are

Directions Consulting, formed in 2007, is a business management consulting firm that is dedicated to helping companies address the real issues. Directions has accumulated a wealth of consulting experience and has become one of the most trusted partners for many companies in Asia-Pacific.

What we do

Directions consulting is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to our customers’ real problems, through customized workshops, assessments and/or coaching sessions to help you achieve outstanding results.

How we deliver

Essentially, there are 4 simple yet crucial steps:

Assess & Understand

According to customer’s needs, we will provide evaluation or assessment, to understand the current situation on what are the various Fields that need to be changed or addressed, and assess the behavioral styles of individuals and teams, so that customer can identify problems and understand themselves.

Design & Develop

Then based on the assessment above and years of experience, our senior consultants will customize a set of targeted solutions, such as right programs and interventions, for our clients.

Deliver & Implement

Our consultants will accompany you throughout the whole process of solution implementing, which is addressed in a variety of ways, such as face-to-face / virtual training / workshop / simulation, to ensure the delivery result.

Review & Reflect

Finally, we assist you in reviewing and reflecting on the results or changes that has been effected thus far, and work with you to seek how else we can get better results through your people in the future.

Our Goal

Deliver Practical Solutions to Solve Real Problems for Our Clients!

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