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Case: Improving Cross Culture Communication and Teamwork
2016-03-24    From:Case
Background information
1. Client was a merger between a European and an American company, and is based in China;
2. Employees drive from multiple countries, such as China, North America, as well as various European countries;
3. Conflicts and misunderstandings arise due to the lack of cross culture awareness, as employees work across different cultures with different regions on a daily basis;;
4. As a result, this client would like to seek ways on how to get as many employees up to speed about working across cultures effectively

Work done for them
1. 2 programmes were created for the client, one to get employees of different cultures get to be aware of their own cultural preferences as well as to understand others.  Another programme was created to help foreigners adapt to business and social realities when working in China;
2. The Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI) assessment was used to let participants understand themselves and others, as well as to construct the cultural make-up of the different teams, groups and general population of the client;
3. Ongoing  support was given to the client so that the participants could spread their knowledge with other colleagues who have yet, or could not attend our workshops
4. Periodical meetings are conducted with the client’s management to review actions taken and results achieved

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