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Case: Improving a Senior Executive’s ability to effectively communicate with and influence…
2016-03-24    From:Case

Background information
1.Client was a large European company with multiple global brands seeking coaching services for one of their senior executives.
2.The coachee was a senior executive who experienced conflicts both with his direct reports and cross-functional peers.
3.As a result, the client engaged us to work with the coachee on developing cultural competency skills and leadership effectiveness.

Work done for them
1.After the initial chemistry check the coachee and client agreed to a six month coaching program.
2.Through engaging coaching sessions, key stakeholder feedback and the use of various psychometric assessments, including the Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI), the coachee gained better self-awareness and developed action plans to improve communication effectiveness and influencing with his key stakeholders.
3.Feedback from his key stakeholders, including his superior, peers and subordinates were extremely positive after the intervention. Furthermore, the coachee was so pleased with the results, he further engaged us to work on the other issues.

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