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Case: Transforming a Material-based selling to a Solution-driven sales strategy
2016-03-24    From:Case

Background information
1. Client is in the medical devices and materials industry;
2. For the past 20+ years, the focus had been very much in supplying medical materials through distributors;
3. Competitors are now providing better quality at lower prices;
4. Their high-end new products are also perceived as less user-friendly than those of the competition;
5. The industry is also gradually shifting to packaging materials with hard-ware equipment to provide customized solutions to customers;
6. As a result, this client would also need to make the transition to a solution-driven strategy

Work done for them
1. We conducted a Belbin Job Role assessment on what are the job role requirements that are more suitable for the new sales strategy;
2. Belbin Team Role assessments are generated to analyse how best the sales and marketing department could respond as steam to new challenges;
3. A workshop is conducted to address gaps, and map out future action plans
4. Periodical meetings are conducted with the client’s senior management to review actions taken and results achieved

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