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Lumina Learning creates innovative psychometrics and possesses a global network of practitioners who specialize in organisational change and long-term improvement, based on the latest Big Five research paradigm, and can also be viewed through the popular Jungian lens. By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as "human beings" rather than "human doings" Lumina Learning practitioners can help organisations transform their performance by transforming their people.

Belbin Team Roles
The Belbin Team Profiling system is “the” proven global team role system.  Used by organisations worldwide for over 30 years it is built on the assumption that the “truth” about team style is most accurate when your view is combined with observer feedback.  In depth reports provide practical understanding of how different “styles” can combine effectively to enable teams to function at their best.  

Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI)
The COI or Cultural Navigator assessment is a tool whereby participants will find out about their personal cultural preferences, and how these will impact your communication and work with people of different cultural preferences.  Culture can be defined as national cultures (cultures of different countries), regional cultures, generational cultures, corporate cultures, profession (job types) cultures, team cultures etc. The COI/ Cultural Navigator allows you to have that deep understanding of yourself, as well as the people around you.  This will then be helpful in enabling you to switch styles or have a cultural dialogue that will help you achieve better performance in a cross-cultural work situation.

We also use other assessment tools in training, like: 360, Global Mindset Inventory, DISC, MBTI, Harrison, Lominger etc.

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